Port of Brisbane Blockaded by a person with a pole and ropes

Blockade Australia disrupts Brisbane port

An activist with Blockade Australia has shut down the roads leading into the Port of Brisbane on Quandamooka Country. This act of resistance is a reminder of the need for action against the systems driving ongoing climate and ecological collapse.

Jem, 23, has scaled a pole, blocking all four lanes of traffic in front of a banner reading “Ecosystems not Empires”

“The writing has been on the wall for a very long time, that the functioning of Australia is causing climate collapse.” 

The climate crisis is a by-product of our current political and economic system.  Australia’s economic and political interests are incompatible with life, as Jem explains: “98% of the trade on this continent happens through ports. The cargo and quantities that go through these ports represent the mass destruction and over-consumption of land and people. Australia’s destruction of ecosystems and gluttonous consumption can be represented by the current function of these ports.

As climate destruction continues in the face of glaring inaction, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest, Australia continues its operation of the political and economic systems driving such disaster around the globe. Blockade Australia disrupts those systems, highlighting the power of everyday people to seek and create a future worth hoping for. 

Collective power comes when we stop destructive forces from operating – this is why we use collective, sustained direct action to immobilise supply chains central to the operation that is Australia.  

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