Kalpa (65) has jumped on a coal train, blocking all trains in and out of the Newcastle Coal Port. She has also locked on in the carriage and could be blocking traffic for many hours.

She shares, “climate collapse and ecological devastation happening in this continent and all over the world is what drives me to take this action today. I want to show ordinary people, just like me, how easy it is to take these kind of steps. Direct action is an attempt to have a strong protest voice.”

In less than 250 years Australia has destroyed a continent which had been cared for and managed sustainably for tens of thousands of years.​​​​​​​

Australia as a colonial project is hurtling us blindly towards a cliff edge from which there is no return. We need to stop it. We need to get in the way of this system that is blocking any path to safety. We have to #BlockadeAustralia.

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