Bipod on rail bridge halts all trains

This morning, Emma (25) suspended herself from a bipod structure attached to ropes blocking all freight trains moving in and out of the Port of Botany. Emma locked herself to the structure, causing several hours of disruption.

This is the fourth consecutive day Blockade Australia activists have shut down Australia‚Äôs largest container port, to resist Australia’s insatiable appetite for destruction.

‚ÄúThe powers have prioritised the economic wealth and political power of an elite few. They have used policies of extractivism and destruction to exploit everything from this land and people. Those goods are moved around through roads, ports and rails. That’s why I’m attached to this bipod”


Emma’s action is part of a sustained period of direct action against Australia’s economic operations. Blockade Australia uses this strategy to push back against the forces driving us to ecological and social collapse.

“The system we currently know and its endless economic expansion is incompatible with life. Solutions will never come from within the system, we need to build collective power to confront and obstruct Australia‚ÄĚ


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