River is attached to that dirty coal line singing, rapping and playing harmonica for liberation and to “smash all hierarchies.”

“A system that puts the needs of the economy that was built on stolen land, built on anti-community and built to silence all forms of resistance… we lock on to stop the system, we lock on to stop the economic destruction of the land we stole.”

“This war machine will not be broken by itself… It can only be taken down by all of us. Who know what it is and know that it needs to be stopped.”

“Always was, always will be Aboriginal land. Free Palestine. Free West Papua. Free Congo. Free Sudan and free all colonised nations that sovereignty that land was never seeded to them.”

The Australian project exploits land, animals and people here and across the globe through resource extraction, exploitation, and arms dealing. This all fuels further violence and suffering from the climate collapse it creates.

#blockadeaustralia #climateCrisis

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