21 year old Laura has been sentenced to 3 months jail after shutting down the loading facility at the Coal Port on Sunday. After more than 30 arrests as part of a 14+ day sustained Blockade Australia mobilisation, Laura is the first to be sentenced to jail.

Having no success in stopping action, the courts have turned to excessive sentencing as a deterrent.

This is what the system does to its resistors. The best way to push back is to take active solidarity and grow this resistance.

How to support Laura and the #BlockadeAustralia mobilisation:

🔥 Please share the news about Laura’s prison sentence

🔥 If you can, contribute to our fundraiser

🔥 Write a public statement of support

🔥 Sign up to our action network to join the resistance

🔥 Come to our next Info Talk – July 13

🔥 Keep resisting repression & act for survival!

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Horrified to hear news of Laura Davy’s jail sentence. Unjustifiably harsh. You all deserve accolades not sentences! Hope you’re all holding up OK, especially Laura. So sorry for what you are going through, and grateful that we have your kind among us. I’ve made a donation and passed the story on.

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