Blockade Australia Purpose Statement

Corporate and institutional power is driving the climate crisis and blocking climate action. Australia plays a leading role in organising this destruction. Blockade Australia is a coordinated response that aims to develop a culture of effective resistance through strategic direct action.

Blockade Australia coordinates mobilisations at economic bottlenecks and centres of political power. These mobilisations use centralised, sustained and disruptive action to force the urgent broad-scale change necessary for survival.

By utilising direct action in this way, Blockade Australia builds grassroots power focused on opposing the colonial and extractive systems of Australia as a whole.

Action that generates social, political and economic disruption cannot be ignored. It creates political leverage that is needed to make real change. This requires stepping outside of the rules and regulations which maintain and protect Australia’s destructive operations.

The climate collapse threatens all life on earth. The only chance we’ve got of creating a liveable future is by uniting in solidarity and using our collective power to fight for climate justice. Remaining divided risks everything.

Blockade Australia is non exclusive and values collaboration, skill and information sharing. Discrimination, dominating behaviours and aggression towards each other or the public is not accepted. The system is the issue, not the people in it.


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