Okay, Day 9 and it’s been a wild evening!

2pm: After Luke’s morning action, Heike jumps on a coal train halting trains in and out of the Newcastle Coal Port.

11pm: Skye climbs into a tree-sit tied to the rail, blocking traffic for a solid 5 hours. She is kept company on her livestream by a few passionate supporters from around the world over night.

4.30am: Nate steps in at dawn for the next 3 hours, hanging from a bipod over 2-mile creek bridge leading into the world’s largest coal port.

Our message is simple: the planet’s life support systems are in crisis. The systemic machine we call Australia is driving us into a catastrophic climate collapse through rampant resource extraction and expansion.

#BlockadeAustralia is a growing network that knows direct action is effective when it’s targeted and sustained as it challenges power where it operates on the ground.

As long as Australia continues to exploit this continent and those who call it home, our resistance will continue.

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