Peter (59) jumped onto a coal train for dinner tonight. As a resident of the Bega valley he saw first hand the impacts of climate disaster.

“We suffered badly from the black summer bushfires, and you’d think we’d learn from that, but we don’t. I thought that this would be a turning point but we have seen no real action to address the system that caused this”

“That’s the way you deal with a crisis, you pretend it’s not happening! That’s what the current system does.”

This is the 9th action in the last 5 days of the latest #blockadeaustralia mobilisation of sustained direct action.

“Personal change is fine but we need systemic change”

“In order to stop what we’re doing, we have to stop the system”

This action finishes off the day after this morning Toni suspended herself on top of a rail bridge, bringing all trains to a stop.

As the system blocks the action necessary to preserve our life support systems and maintaining the balance of our ecosystems demands radical change, ordinary people like Peter and Toni are standing up to get in the way of the infrastructure that fuels our destruction.

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