“Australia’s so called democratic economy is trampling life for profit and drip-feeding communities with crumbs of hush money. It has to end.”

Those were the words of Sal, who this morning shut down the whole rail network at the World’s Biggest Coal Port in Newcastle, Mulubinba, this morning.

This is the 7th action of the week taken against the Port. This is what real political engagement looks like. Australia’s laws were written to protect institutions that only care about money. Parliament is in bed with big business and extractive industry. A climate election is a naive daydream and waiting for one is a death sentence for all life on earth.

“Australia is a system of collusion between fossil fuel companies and all levels of government. ”It’s time to take the fight to the places where we can affect Australia the most”

Actions like the one taken today by Sal, bypass the distractions of this rigged political system. Material disruption to what Australia cares about is meaningful climate action. Join us in Sydney in June 2022.

Live for the 3rd time today, another activist has halted the flow of all coal entering and exiting Newcastle coal port. Greg is suspended in a tree-sit, hanging from a rope attached to the rail line, just shortly after Sergio has been taken into custody. Stopping the worlds largest coal port is something anyone can do! Direct action works and its how we can take power back to get the climate action we all want.

This midnight action has pushed Blockade Australia’s shutdown of this massive global supply chain into it’s fourth day.

Sergeio has taken action today in response to Australia’s loyal commitment to fossil fuels.

At a time when we know we are heading to more extreme climate events due to high levels of greenhouse gasses, its irresponsible, careless and downright stupid to do what Australia is doing. The world is watching and we are leaders in climate collapse.

Sergio is a determined young individual who realises that our most effective way to halt Australia in its tracks and force change, is to get in the way.

Blockade Australia continues to disrupt the economic flow of capital which supports Australia’s exploitive industries.

“We’re taking our future back” “When the government decides it’s going to destroy it’s people (through climate change)- the people will rise up”


Blocking centres of political importance directly impedes the system and creates space for the change we need. Next we take Sydney. Join us!

Check out the livestream here:

As Australia continues to find ways to keep exploiting and damaging this continent its rational that everyday people stand up and take action. Newcastle coal port is a central part of Australia’s fossil fuel driven economy, one that it refuses to acknowledge or transition away from. Activists get in the way for the 4th time this week, physically showing their opposition to climate destruction.

Earlier today Emma and John climbed on top of a 100,000T coal train to stop the Newcastle coal rail network from operating for 4 hours. They climbed onto the carriage and stayed under the highway bridge to delay their arrests. Taking climate action like this is our most effective way of securing a liveable future.

“Fossil fuels are an existential threat to life on our planet and yet we don’t seem to be taking that seriously”


“Were prioritising the short term profits of very few people over the lives of all the ecosystems on the planet… that doesn’t make sense”


John (72) and Emma (52) are locked on and refused to come down. They are now in custody and are expected to be released soon. Next we will converge on Australia’s most important economic and political centre. Join us in Sydney, June 27th- July 2nd to shut down the city.

Watch their livestream here:

Jarrah locked into a hole in the ground inside a reinforced car that has been immobilised over the railway leading into the world’s largest coal port. This is the second action of the day; back-to-back actions are effective.

Direct action is necessary. We are in a crisis created by destructive states like Australia. This crisis is not only one that impacts the climate and ecology, but all of humanities social systems. Climate inaction means climate violence.

“I’m locked inside a reinforced car with my arm in a hole in the ground”

“I’m here to oppose Australia’s continuous blocking of meaningful climate action”


A majority of the world’s population already suffers from exploitation and violence at the hands of nations like Australia. This crisis will make it incomprehensible. We need to blockade Australia.

Watch the livestream here:

“Australia was built as a militarised resource extraction project, the colonising empire has been raging a brutal war for over 250 years against first nations people and land, that war continues today and it has resulted in the collapse of all our life support systems; its driving the climate and ecological crisis”


Today, someone did something. Zoe suspended themselves for 3 hours, 20m up an electrical pylon. They were on a rope, tied to a monopole on the rail line.

The bridge they blocked provides access to the whole Newcastle coal port.

One person, alone, immobilised the most significant economic bottleneck of the coal network in the world.

This is the second of two actions this week which have shut down operations on the world’s biggest coal port to get in the way of the extractive Australian project.

Disruptive actions like this against pinch points in the supply/demand chain can be used as a political tool.

In a rigged system, the only way to wield relevant power is to shut down the things Australia cares about; to shut down sites of political and economic importance.

Watch Zoe’s livestream here:

Today at 6am, Wilkarr Kurikutahr, a Ngemba, Wangan and Jagalingou man, climbed a 9 metre tripod to blockade the railway line leading into and out of the world’s largest coal port in Mulubinba/Newcastle. He stopped all coal trains on the rail network for over 4 hours before being removed from the tripod and taken into police custody.

Wilkarr said, “I’m a Ngemba and Wangan & Jagalingou man standing in solidarity with Awabakal and Worimi mob by blockading the world’s largest coal port in Mulubinba.”

“I’m sick of Australia destroying country and sacred sites to get their resources. That’s why I am here doing this action today to put a stop to it myself.”

Wilkarr Kurikutahr

The climate and ecological crisis is here. Australia and its institutions are fuelling this crisis, and are blocking the urgent action needed. Traditional campaigning methods such as petitions, rallies and lobbying are not working. Organised nonviolent blockading tactics are necessary to cause disruption to Australia’s operations and create the change required. Be in Sydney from June 27th 2022 to Blockade Australia.

This action was taken on the stolen land of the Awabakal and Worimi people.

Watch the livestream here: